The Love for Learning

Caleb is a bright 6-year-old who loves counting and enjoys answering the Maths questions his mum quizzes him with until one day, he encountered a difficult problem he can’t answer. Add that to an earlier taunting from the playground bully, will Caleb overcome these roadblocks and triumph over his adversities? Watch on if you’re rooting for Caleb! (Based on a true story) This Teacher’s Day, let’s all take time and appreciate our Kumon Instructors and Teachers all around the country. To our Kumon Instructors, thank you for being role models and for instilling the joy of learning in our children. Through your actions, words and effort, you show to our children that there is no limit to what they can achieve!

Directed by Alex Khaw

Watch the original posting on Kumon Singapore Facebook Page.


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