Winner of Best Cinematography of a Documentary Short Film (September 2019)

  • P&G's Because of You I Can' (Director and DP: Alex Khaw)


Winner of Best Documentary Short Film (September 2019)

  • P&G's Because of You I Can'  (Director and DP: Alex Khaw)


Winner of Best Documentary Short Film (August 2019)

  • The Man Who Saved LKY (Directed by Thomas Franks)


Finalist for Best Cinematography of an Asian Short Film & Best Asian Short Film

  • P&G's Because of You I Can' Short Documentary (Director and DP: Alex Khaw)


Culver City Film Festival & Official Selection 2019 at Los Angeles, United States

  • P&G's Because of You I Can' Short Documentary (Director and DP: Alex Khaw)


Jelly Film Festival & Official Selection 2020 at North Hollywood, Los Angeles

  • P&G's Because of You I Can' Short Documentary (Director and DP: Alex Khaw)


Nominated for Best International Documentary Short,  Best Sound Design, Best Picture

  • P&G's Because of You I Can' Short Documentary (Director and DP: Alex Khaw)

About Us

RMP stands for Red Motion Pictures and it means we are bold, we’re always trying to push boundaries, to create something original. We started as a husband and wife team, but it is growing gradually. We also have an extensive network of freelancers to work with. We stand behind each and every one of our clients’ products and services. We firmly believe in order to deliver impact, we have to first be convinced of our clients’ products and services. We serve mostly F&B and early childhood education clients, and we aim to be one of the leading production houses in Singapore.

Our Team

Alex Khaw, S.S.C

Co-Founder / Filmmaker

Equipped with a degree in Graphic Design in Advertising, Alex started his career as a designer in commercial printing industry seven years ago. He later worked his way up to Associate Art Director across several design disciplines before moving into videography and editing for broadcast to follow his deep passion in filmmaking and storytelling.

Since then he has filmed, edited and produced a couple variety programs for Makansutra, which aired on Discovery Channel’s TLC from 2013 to 2015. Filming food from a street stall in Metro Manila to Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore.

Working on these programs has honed Alex’s storytelling and food styling techniques, and the different projects he takes on allows him to take his expertise even further. In a joint effort, Alex, with his wife, Mandie Ong founded Alexstudio Pte. Ltd. in May 2015. RMP Films is one of the several brands Alex and Mandie plan to build under the umbrella of Alexstudio Pte. Ltd.

Alex is currently a member of Singapore Society of Cinematography (SSC) and Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals (SAMPP).



  • 2012: The Food Surprise! Season 1  |Production Assistant
  • 2013: Malaysian Street Food Circus with Makansutra (Ep 1 & 2)  | Editor and DoP
  • 2014: The Food Surprise! Season 2  | Managing Producer & Second Camera

Mandie Ong, FCCA & CA (Singapore)

Co-Founder/ Managing Producer / Colourist

Mandie, FCCA, CA (Singapore) and co-founder of Alexstudio Pte. Ltd., was first introduced to the world of photography through Alex. Her love for photography swelled over time, and she developed an eye for design. Meticulous and bubbly, Mandie oversees client relations and administrative matters. Her role as the production manager ensures projects run seamlessly.

Personally trained by Alex, Mandie doubles up as colourist. They’re not only partners at work, but partners in life. Mandie has a sweet tooth and bakes to unwind (although she knows very little about baking!).

Zeng Liwei

Production Assistant (Head)

Zeng Liwei got interested in photography at the age of 18 when he played with his friend’s film camera. The ability to express himself through the camera became very intriguing for him.

Though engineering trained, he decided to go with his heart and to start his career in visual arts doing both photography and video production after graduation from the National University of Singapore.

His personal works “Waiting for Lele” was exhibited at Nanning, China Photo Expo 2014. His 10 years of experience ranges from weddings, events, corporate work, video production and advertising campaigns. His clients include Yale-NUS College, SingHealth, Draeger Singapore and Robinsons & Co.

Kenneth Chia

Screen Writer

Kenneth believes that the world needs more ideas - and fewer ads. With 13 years of experience as a copywriter and creative, he’s helped to create successful campaigns for the likes of McDonald’s, Samsung, Heineken and Lego.

Along the way, his work has been featured on CNN, and he’s had the good fortune to represent Singapore at the world’s largest advertising festival in France.

In 2016, Kenneth founded Pencil Sword. Through a strategic partnership with RMP Films, Kenneth is taking it upon himself to fight the good fight – for brands both big and small.

Thomas Franks


Thomas loves Singapore. He sees this diverse city as a unique example of multicultural friendship, a place to be celebrated, as Singaporeans and internationals work together, live together, and eat together. He is inspired by Singapore.

Thomas has been helping to make local media in Singapore since 2008. With most of his experience in NGOs and churches, he has now moved into corporate video, broadcast TV, documentary film, & recently freelance producing. He is working under his own media business True Focus starting 2012.

For Thomas, he wants to make meaningful, culturally relevant media. His latest project is about a friendship story between a Singaporean family & Foreign Workers from India. He wants to continue being a part of using media for good.



Kiat started off as a set carpenter for TV commercials where he worked his way up from the production floor to being a post-production specialist, with more than 20 years of working experience in post-production behind him.

From editing to visual effects and everything in between, Kiat is well versed in all aspects of the post-production process. He has worked with renowned global advertising agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, and J. Walter Thompson.

His works include TV commercials for P&G, IBM, HP, Singapore Airlines, etc. He has also worked on local film productions by Jack Neo, Eric Khoo, Kelvin Tong, and a Australian sci-fi web series Airlock.

Amidst drastic changes in the film industry, Kiat is attuned to emerging technology and trends, constantly working to improve and apply this knowledge in today’s competitive market.


Script Writer

Emotion. It's part of what makes us human. Guna strives to capture the emotion that every story offers in his writing. Through his words, he aims to form connections between people, with the emotions they feel, in the stories they share.

With a background in communications, journalism, media and education, Guna has the unique ability to tell your story to your audience in both informative and emotive ways. He strongly feels that both these qualities are essential in stories that deliver their messages well. Afterall, people never forget how you made them feel.

As a writer for RMP Films, Guna marries his flair for writing with Alex's creative eye for visuals to craft content that achieves results, every single time.