Means The World To Me (Short Film) Part 2


This is a two-part series showcasing the lives and daily struggles of Stamford Catering employees.

As the title suggests, the concept of each video is how important each employee is to his or her family. Building on the concept, we created the storyboard with Francisca’s daughter, Denise narrating the video. Ensuring the video remains personal and authentic; we thought Denise narrating in Mandarin is the most fitting.

The video begins with Francisca telling Denise off for not doing the dishes, and Denise being annoyed. It continues to Francisca at work with her colleagues, and taking care of a client’s 25th wedding anniversary.

Francisca leaves the event in a taxi after it has ended, and is exhausted from work, and falls asleep in the taxi. She gets home and sees Denise asleep, although she wasn’t actually sleeping. Francisca is in bed and ready to sleep when she receives a text message from Denise at 1:44AM, and the message moved Francisca deeply, causing her to tear up. Francisca is taking on the role of both mother and father, and Denise knows how tough it is on her mother.

It cuts to a flashback of Francisca and Denise jogging at the park together, simply enjoying each other’s company.

The video ends with Francisca’s years in Stamford Catering.


Our biggest challenge during production is getting the Francisca to tear up; it took us an hour just to get that shot of her tearing.

Social Media

In this technology age, social media is probably more effective than conventional marketing mediums, and if a company does not have the targeted marketing on various social media platforms, however great a video will be wasted.

The video garnered a total of 180,000 views on Facebook, with more than 40 comments, many of which are positive and thanking the staff of Stamford Catering for their dedication and hard work.

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